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Acquired Skills/Covered Subjects

  • Understand the concept of the time value of money
  • Explain terms such as present value, future value, NPV, DCF, annuities, and perpetuities
  • Use DCF to find the price of an annual or semi-annual bond
  • Calculate the different yields used to assess bond returns
  • Understand the relationship between bond prices and yields
  • Calculate measures of central tendency including arithmetic mean, weighted mean, WACC, and expected values
  • Use correlation and covariance to describe the relationship between two variables
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  • Business and Management
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Founded in 2016, CFI is the largest and most recognized finance-only training and skill development platform in the world. Powered by leading instructors, innovative designers, and proprietary technology, CFI provides the best financial education globally, including online courses and training for financial modeling, valuation, lending, securities, capital markets, data science, business intelligence, crypto currencies, and other finance programs.

This four module course demonstrates how financial mathematics formulas can be used to conduct detailed analysis on a set of data and variables.

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