One Step to Your Next Course

Go4 Course is a magical platform that aims to make course finding journey only a click away, thus resolving the issue of intensive searches and drawing comparisons between professional courses through the classical methods. Go4 Course was established with the objective to be the number one platform globally, for those millions of professionals seeking personal and career development and for the thousands of training institutes, professional trainers and instructors seeking to connect to a maximum number of training seekers. Go4 Course provides a reliable platform for both training providers and seekers.

As a training seeker, typing in only a few letters will bring to you a treasure trove of options perfectly suited to your requirements. You can find your choicest locations, trainers, dates, mode of delivery (physical/online) – complete with highlighted comparisons for different prices, dates, skills and quality – all presented in a smart way to make your life easy.

As a trainer, Go4 Course offers you a seamless platform that can boost your ROI and bring customers easily to you. Using this platform, you can upload your course data and post your advertisement with a few easy steps.GO4 Course has different advertisement packages that are tailored to suit different budgets and modes.


To become the first choice for all people seeking courses, and, in the process, become a high contributor to the global education growth.


To inspire continuous education and strengthen our communities by facilitating course finding and exploration, turning it into a seamless journey.