FPGA Design Using VHDL


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Provider Name mhmd ahmed
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Accreditation ain shams university in master, 2017
Country / City Cairo, Egypt
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About The Provider

I'm a navigation, Guidance and Control Engineer having specialization in Electronics and Control with more than 6-years experience. I have Master degree in Engineering with specialization in Systems and Control.


1. FPGA Design (VHDL), writing VHDL test benches and working with simulators such as ModelSim.

2. Embedded System Design. (Schematic, labview).

3. Software Design. (C/C++/Matlab).

4. Control System Design & Modelling (Continuous, Discrete, Linear, Non-Linear, Optimal, Fuzzy Logic + Matlab & Simulink).

5. Digital System/Logic Design (VHDL, Logisim).

6. Micro-controllers (Arduino, PIC).

7. Control of Electric Machine Drives.

8. Circuit Analysis and Design etc.

9. PCB Design (Proteous + Ultiboard + Altium Designer).

I have designed many unmanned systems (Ground vehicle, winged aircraft and other remote control systems) using FPGA and also i designed sub-systems for the satellite communication.

  • This Course is an Excellent Step for the Beginners to Learn How to Design the Digital Circuits by Using One of the Most Strong Technologies in the Worldwide Along the Practical Design Skills.

  • What will students learn in your course?
  • How to Design the Digital Circuits by Using the FPGA Technology.

  • How to Code by Using the VHDL Language.

  • How to Use Xilinx ISE 14.7 Software to Design FPGA Digital Circuit.

  • How to Simulate by Using Xilinx ISim Tool.

  • Download the Design and Verify the Functionality by Using Xilinx FPGAs.

  • How to Deal With Servo Motors by Using FPGA.

  • How to Design UART Serial Communication Protocol by Using FPGA.

  • How to Make Synchronization Between the Digital Circuits by Doing Frequency Down Conversion to Get a Suitable Frequency for Your Projects.

  • How to Design the Memory Elements (ROM & RAM).

  • How to Use the IP (Core Generator & Architecture Wizard).

  • How to Use the ChipScope tool for Debugging and Analysis for Any Project.

  • How to Use the Mentor Graphics ModelSim Software.

  • How to Use Xilinx Vivado Software.

  • There is a Full Project in the End of This Project to Get 100% Benefits and Understand All the Goals of This Course.

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