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  • Familiarity with the basic principles of the Internet of Things,Providing the trainee with the necessary knowledge related to the Internet of Things, its networks, devices, programming, data, and the level of security and privacy related to it.,How to take advantage of Internet of Things solutions in your field and create added value,Understanding the relationship between the Internet of Things and the fourth industrial revolution
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Rwaq: An electronic educational platform that is interested in providing free academic study materials in the Arabic language in various fields and disciplines, provided by distinguished academics from all over the Arab world, and eager to expand the circle of beneficiaries from their specialized scientific and knowledge stock, where they seek to deliver it to those outside the walls of universities.

It is no secret to anyone of the revolution, the digital transformation, and the economic impact caused by smartphones and cellular networks, as it brought with them hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of jobs, beginning with the manufacturers of these devices and the original factories of internal parts of these devices, through operating system companies and companies developing applications, and also through At the manufacturers of cellular network devices, we do not forget, finally, the operators of these networks who provide communication service to the end user.

Is this the end? Of course not, the horizon is looming for a forthcoming revolution that may be more influential than its predecessors.

The mobile revolution and the social networks that we currently live in are known in some technical circles to the internet of people, the internet of people. As for the next wave, it is the Internet of things, the Internet of things, just as the internet of people connects people to each other via their mobile devices or their accounts on social networks. It creates a virtual space for it.

Connecting things to the Internet will create new applications, different smart environments, and even new business and business models. For example, the Internet of Things will enable industrial applications to anticipate and discover machine malfunctions before they happen and thus reduce the time of malfunctions dramatically. In the health field, the Internet of Things will enable us to reduce costs by monitoring patients about After working more effectively through a deeper and deeper understanding of the impact of different factors on different diseases such as chronic diseases and others, while in smart cities it is possible to monitor air quality and pollution and reduce gases released from car exhausts looking for a situation, for example, by using M smart positions, and in the agricultural field can maintain the water inventory and increase production and reduce costs, while in the transport and logistical support can be monitored goods and factors that affect them during transport.

Also, the applications of the Internet of Things can interact with each other and across different fields so a healthy application can benefit from the data produced by smart city applications, and so therefore the ultimate goal of the Internet of Things is the presence of a platform that contains all data from different fields and allows developers to develop new and innovative applications based on this data .

Through this training course, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to the Internet of Things that enables business leaders and business owners to understand this wave and its various technologies and how to take advantage of the opportunities it offers either by providing new solutions or products or through better support and optimization of existing products.

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