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  • Find the right topic and niche to win on Udemy,Create amazing online courses that sell,Validate your course idea before you even start to safe days if not weeks of your time,Use YouTube to sell your courses,Understand tricks and tweaks to push your courses ratings through the roof,Know which equipment you need to create amazing courses,Make your students become fans,Understand optimization tweaks to push your course up in the rankings
Provider Name Udemy
Training Areas
  • Business and Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Humanities and ARTS
  • IT, Technology and Software
  • Languages
  • Math, Science and Engineering
  • Media and Photography
  • Medical, Fitness, Healthcare and Safety
  • Personal Development
  • Politics and Economy
  • Social Sciences
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Training and Education
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Others
About The Provider is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students.

Udemy, a portmanteau of you + academy, has more than 30 million students and 50,000 instructors teaching courses in over 60 languages. There have been over 245 million course enrollments. Students and instructors come from 190+ countries and 2/3 of students are located outside of the U.S. Udemy also has over 4,000 enterprise customers and 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Udemy for employee upskilling (Udemy for Business). Students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills.Some courses generate credit toward technical certification. Udemy has made a special effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees of their company.

Udemy serves as a platform that allows instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing. Using Udemy's course development tools they can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create courses.[citation needed] Instructors can also engage and interact with users via online discussion boards.

Courses are offered across a breadth of categories, including business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health and fitness, language, music, and technology. Most classes are in practical subjects such as Excel software or using an iPhone camera. Udemy also offers Udemy for Business, enabling businesses access to a targeted suite of over 3,000 training courses on topics from digital marketing tactics to office productivity, designmanagementprogramming, and more. With Udemy for Business, organizations can also create custom learning portals for corporate training.


  • Do you want to be truly free? 

Free to wake up when ever you want, work when it fits you, have time for your friends and family, take a day off without needing permission?

Do you want to be free to do what you love every day?

Then this course is for you, as freedom is exactly what this course is all about.

What you need to get there, is a passive income stream. That's exactly what online courses can give you. I started to create video courses four years ago, and quit my job one year after I published my first course on Udemy. Ever since I never looked back. Creating a course and publishing it, is an amazing feeling. You can teach thousands of people what you know, make their lives better and make some substantial many by doing so.

Making and selling online courses allowed me to live the live I have always dreamed of. I have loads of time for my daughter and can be with here for all the important moments. I was there when she made her first step, said her first word (it was mama of course :D)  when she sat for the first time (in Mallorca - Spain).

You want to have that freedom too? Then join me in the course and learn everything I have learned over the last four years.
You will not only learn all the good and right things to do, but also the ones that just don't work. This can save you months and years of wasted time.


  • Create amazing online courses that sell

  • Find the right topic for your next successful online course

  • Validate your course Idea to make sure it will sell

  • Create a course structure that is engaging and easy to follow

  • Use the right tools to make your live as an instructor easy and smooth

  • Use the right equipment to create high quality courses

  • Use ins and outs of recording for the best quality lessons

  • Launch your course with a boom, to get it going from the start

  • Grow your fan base by applying simple techniques

  • Use YouTube to sell your course


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