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12-01-2023 | 13-01-2023

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Proactive NLP Ltd deliver high quality and comprehensive ANLP Accredited NLP Training to NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner levels.  We deliver our courses in London, Leeds and the Lake District.

Our online workshops cover short snippets of essential NLP ideas and techniques to give you a taster.

You can live your life free from negative emotions and this crushing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a place yo do not want to be in.  Start your journey to personal freedom by working with Proactive NLP Ltd today.

Overcoming anxiety with NLP is a relatively straight-forward process that is quick, painless and highly effective.

Anxiety is prevalent within our society. It is one of those terms that by its very nature reproduces more of the problem! Simply talking about anxiety causes more anxiety in others.

BBC Radio 4 have been talking about anxiety all week.  Inviting ‘experts’ and ‘ordinary people’ to share their thoughts and experiences.  Don’t you just love the way the media differentiates between ‘experts’ and ‘ordinary people’, they’re experts at discriminating. In my work as a coach and therapist I work with a lot of clients ‘suffering’ from ‘anxiety’.

What you can expect on this Overcoming Anxiety workshop?

On this virtual workshop, Paul McGowran, will show delegates how to live a life free from Anxiety. Paul will help delegates identify the ‘future’ nature of anxiety and the negative emotions involved. By introducing some basic techniques for resolving anxiety, Paul will help delegates begin the process of overcoming their own anxiety. Finally, he will set out the powerful Memory Re-Solution technique. This technique will not only eliminate anxiety it will resolve all the negative emotions that keep anxiety in place.

Key objectives for this workshop are:

  • Understand the triggers of anxiety for each delegate;
  • Identify the temporal (time based language) of anxiety;
  • Practise Future Pacing on future events;
  • Begin to understand the Memory Re-Solution technique to live a life free from Anxiety.

During the workshop Paul will explore the NLP Communication Model and will demonstrate how we create anxious states. Exploring this model in detail delegates will develop the ability to transform their anxiety. 

This workshop can act as a stepping stone to undertaking our comprehensive NLP Practitioner Training. Choosing to develop the skills and attitudes of an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner can result in your living an anxiety free life. Surely, that must be a good thing?

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