Easy Instagram Reels in Canva: Without Being on Camera


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  • You will Learn how to effectively plan for your Reels and save time if you're creating in bulk, Master creative ways in which to use your phone camera to take your audience behind the scenes. Get comfortable using the Instagram Reels interface including adding effects, text, trending music and more. Create captivating Canva designs to use for your Instagram Reels.
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If you’re wanting to learn how to create powerful, beginner-friendly Instagram Reels which don’t require you to show up on camera - this course is for you!

Whether you’re looking to master Instagram Reels for your own business, your client’s business, or just to learn an impactful new skill - you will walk away from this course feeling confident in your abilities and ready to post your first (or next) Reel.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Get comfortable with the basics of using Instagram Reels including: optimal account settings, how to find effects & trending sounds and all key features related to the Reel creation process.

  • Create 12 different styles of Reels which can be created just using Canva and the Instagram app.

  • Create an additional 3 Reel styles which will help you to film some easy behind-the-scenes footage using your camera. These are incredibly beginner-friendly and will not require you to speak to the camera but will allow your audience to deepen their connection with you.

  • Gather inspiration for your Reels from within & outside of your industry.

  • Organise your workflow in a way that will save you precious time and take away the overwhelm of creating multiple Reels on the go.

  • Add captions and hashtags.

  • Make your Reels more accessible to all users on the platform and contribute to a happier Instagram experience for all.

  • Create a branded Instagram Reel cover.

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