Make Challenging Decisions Under Uncertainty


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Acquired Skills/Covered Subjects

  • Understand and apply the Signal Detection Theory to make decisions with limited information
  • Understand the psychology of decision making
  • Stop justifying bad decisions
  • Understand and master decision matrixes
  • Make sound financial decisions
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About The Provider

ur mission at Fiverr is to create the platform for the future of work. Our marketplace is already changing the lives of millions of people who have chosen to lead the freelancing lifestyle. And today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills - we call it Learn from Fiverr™️.

Every decision you make is made with the information that is available to you. In most cases, you won’t have all of the information on hand so what happens when you need to take quick, decisive action?

This in-depth course will teach you how to make methodological, thoughtful decisions, even when you have limited information. You’ll learn strategies for using Signal Detection Theory to help you to make rational decisions that you can be confident in. Packed with expert tools for overcoming biases, flawed logic and self-justification in the instance that you do make a bad decision, this course will assist you in thinking on your feet and creating higher decision making criteria to guide your actions.

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